Open letter to “Get Britain Out”, London

Dear Sirs,

I could not support “OUT” while there is no constitutional guarantee of EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW.

This cornerstone of democracy does not exist in English law along with its failure to provide the individual with a one-stop written constitution.

Equality before the law is available under EU law at Article 20 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights 2000 -“Everyone is equal before the law”.-

But, this has been rejected by possibly  “The (behind closed doors) Privy Council”. We do not know. It is assumed that we have no need to know.

NO equality before the law, not even in the mistakenly mis-titled Equality Act 2010. The door is left open for the assumed God given feudal right of “Freedom to Act “for the chosen elite against any defenceless and unsupportive individual,

His phone calls, e-mails and personal info from any other surveillance scheme are government property.

The individual in the UK is subject to blackmail for uttering the officially unspeakable such as expressing a desire to abolish the central constitutional provision of Duchy of Cornwall which, to avoid prying questions concerning its origins and policies, is now claimed as a private estate by the royal landlord who has been given laws and exemptions from laws to place him above the law.


Colin Murley, 18.04.2014

Editor, Save Cornwall,

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