The Daily Telegraph of today (11th March 2013) carries an article by James Dyson entitled “We can’t allow the copycats to clean up”.  With a sub-title, “If inventors are to flourish, their work must be safeguarded against imitators”.  The article reveals that Mr Dyson runs the James Dyson Foundation which donated £5million to the Royal College of Art.

The article declares “Patents are only as good as the system that enforces them” and discusses a government:  “Patent box initiative” and continues: “Protecting an idea is as important as having it in the first place”.  Mr Dyson asserts: “Copying stagnates competition, it stifles invention and tricks the consumer into buying the wrong product”.  Finally, the Chinese are accused of copying.

For over two hundred years the Cornish inventor of the steam locomotive, Richard Trevithick has been ignored by the English establishment.  That is, the Teachers’ Trade Unions, the Department of Education and English politicians.  They all ignored the Richard Trevithick entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.  It was a clear case of declaring Stephenson our hero by the landowners of those “dark satanic mills” as a symbol to appeal to our workers in our cities of Northern England.  English nationalism was elated.  The facts would be a kill-joy.

Has Mr Dyson, as an inventor, ever looked at the “Reader’s Digest – Man the Inventor” and discovered the role of Richard Trevithick as the inventor of the self propelled vehicle?   Also, “Computer Power and Human Reason” by Professor of Computer Science, Joseph Weizenbaum, who notes in respect of Trevithick: “Invention involves the imaginative projection of symbols of one existing, and generally well-developed, frame of reference to another”?

How can the English intelligentsia condemn the Chinese or anybody else as copycats when they so blatantly ignore the facts in order to induce a nationalist ego trip and ignore advice to rectify their error?    Were this but the only incidence. 

In 1337 the English establishment invented the Dictatorial Charter to create the Duchy of Cornwall in order to provide unchallenged an income from Cornwall (then  Cornish speaking) for the Heir to the Throne to avoid collecting a tax from the English national majority.   This has also provided centuries of wealth accumulation for the national majority without a hint of any confession of the facts.   As Mr Dyson suggests in his article; “We have all been tricked into buying the wrong product”.

Mr Dyson, with no written constitution to protect indigenous minority rights and no guarantee of equality before the law in English law, should you not consider using your influence to modernise Britain before following the diversionary habit of attacking foreign countries as the source of all our problems including those hidden under the carpet?


Colin Murley

Save Cornwall,

Camborne, TR14 0JG

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