Cornwall was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2006 for advances in mining expertise under the Stannary system and a self-propelled vehicle to kick start the industrial revolution.  Trevithick’s revolutionary invention of high pressure steam has been acclaimed by a technological expert as: “Trevithick made the creative leap from a well developed frame of reference to another”.  (“Computer Power and Human Reason”, J.Weizenbaum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Penguin, 1984).  The horse and carriage became a thing of the past.  Trevithick overcame social conditioning and his world heritage invention became the property of humanity.  He could not have visualised the future of self-propulsion.  

Over two hundred years later the world has a people’s car (Volks Wagen) for everyone on a network of highways world wide.    Self-propulsion led to a further discovery.  It was an absolute necessity that the same set of highway rules were applied equally to the owner of a Rolls Royce as for the owner of a Mini.   In terms of the highway, the revolutionary ‘equality before the law’ became compulsory.    Still, to express your independence you can obtain a licence to drive, or ‘self-motivate’ to make contact with anyone in the world and to go to places you’ve never previously heard of.   Ultimately, the Highway Code ensures that each individual is responsible for the safety of all other road users.

The revolutionary concept of equality has been taken beyond the highway to encompass every field of human endeavour in harmony with Quantum discoveries.    As in the case of a self-propelled vehicle, this discovery involves: “a creative leap from a well developed frame of reference to another frame of reference”.   The discovery of a Quantum Universe has been described as being of “staggering implications”.  The implications of the new frame of reference begin with the accepting that a brand new car won’t get that far.

The new vehicle of scientific research knows no boundaries. The implications of the Quantum revolution have entered everyday life requiring each individual to consider his or her relationship with the universal laws created long before mankind, politics, religion and conflicting man made laws came into existence.  

Scientists, in particular David Bohm, (‘The Undivided Universe’, Routledge, 1993), postulated a holographic universe of an implicate order with the whole reflected in all of its parts.  Physicist Professor J.S. Bell’s theorem of 1964 was tested and verified scientifically in 1982 by Alain Aspect and many others.  Quantum physics has revealed the possibility of interaction between conscious mental activity and the physical world and revealed a natural law of equality on the universal highway.  

Physicist Paul Davies summarised the position as quoted from: “The Basic Fundamental law of Nature, The Law of One”:-

“The Universe is not a collection of objects, but is an inseparable web of vibrating patterns in which no one component has reality independently from the entirety. Included in the entirety is the observer.”

A new World Heritage of, for and by humanity is under construction comprising a holographic or interconnected universal highway.  It is considered possible that each individual will develop the potential to access the global consciousness and engage in mutual contact through one’s evolving personal DNA network while travelling, or self-motivating, along the path of life.   The quantum super Highway Code is simple: “Respect all Life”.   

Within this new “frame of reference” everyone would be in the service of every other user on this Quantum super highway and accepted as a fellow human being under a code similar to that to which the medical profession is devoted.  It is contended that a fully interconnected humanity would have the ability to render obsolete ‘road rage’, whether of the nuclear, conventional or personal variety.

© Save Cornwall –  Colin Murley: “The Quantum Revolution”  (1)  1st October 2012  

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