A demonstration of national equality was presented to the world when the Cornish white cross flag of the Celtic Saint Piran flew beside those of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on board “The Gloriana” the brand new royal rowbarge which led the procession of hundreds of boats and ships on the Thames paying tribute to H.M. The Queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 3rd June 2012.   At least somebody realised that there is no point in knocking the great out of Great Britain by hiding Cornish economic history.


The symbol of Cornwall on equal terms with the flags of the historic nations of the United Kingdom should raise questions regarding the officially unrecognised constitutional role of the Cornish nation as a source of income for the Heir to the Throne, the Duke of Cornwall, by three charters  of 1337/8.   Confirmation of this official source is to be found on pages 124/5* of the Nomination Document which was accepted by UNESCO as satisfying the NARA Authenticity Test for an award of World Heritage status for Cornish mining in 2006.   The Cornish flag is independently prominent on page 44* of this document, with the caption: “a symbol of the global diaspora of people of Cornish descent”.

Your comments would be welcome and your assistance greatly appreciated in pressing the British government to confirm that Cornish economic history does not prevent official recognition of the Cornish as a British nation with its own cultural heritage and language.    We believe that the British constitution does not deny the right of the indigenous Cornish to exist officially and to benefit from the constitutional principle of equality before the law in the inter-British relationships between the constituent nations of the United Kingdom.

Colin Murley, Save Cornwall, Camborne, Kernow.              Contact:- info@savecornwall.org

10th June 2012          

See article:- “Exemptions from Democracy” http://tinyurl.com/13th-dreckly-edition

*On-line at www.cornish-mining.org.uk

  • For pages 124/5 go to section 3b
  • For page 44 go to section 2.
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  1. Jim Wearne says:

    Here’s a quote from a posting on Facebook by Kernow Calling. They state that it is a transcript of a telephone call between them and BBC Radio Cornwall:

    “Transcript of phone call to BBC Radio Cornwall’s news desk.
    Friday 8th June 2.00pm.
    The lady we spoke to on the news desk did not give her name.

    K.C: “Hi I’m ringing from KernowCalling about the flying of the flag of St Piran on the Gloriana during the river boat pageant last Sunday.”

    News Desk: ” Gloriana ? ”

    K.C: ” The Royal barge Gloriana on Sunday flew the St Pirans along with the flags of the other home nations that make up the UK, seeing as this is the first time the St Piran has been given equal status we wondered what coverage you are giving it ?”

    N.D: ” Okay I’ll just ask.”

    N.D: ( After a few minutes). “I’ve just spoken to my colleague and he said that this was covered on the breakfast show this morning,they had an expert on who explained the reason they had flown the St Piran was due to one of the boat builders having come from Cornwall, there was no special significance to it.”

    K.C: ” What…? That makes no sense this is a vessel of state it flew the flags of Scotland,Wales,Northern Ireland,Cornwall and England the nations that make the UK and as a courtesy the flag of the City of London as the square mile has a degree of autonomy and the royal barge was on their part of the Thames.
    Also it flew the flag of Motability, as they had selected the oar crew and the Queen is the charity’s patron.
    So your saying the Queen had decided as one was of the boat builders was Cornish the St Pirans would be flown for that reason only… well that’s just really confusing, wouldn’t the St Piran have been flown lower than the national flags if that was the case..Could you just double check that is the reason ? ”

    We could hear her relaying what had just been said to a male colleague .We heard him reply.

    Man:” That doesn’t matter we’ve had it confirmed and that’s what were sticking with.”

    N.D: ” I’ve spoken to my colleague and he says our position is that we have had it confirmed why the St Piran was flown and that’s what were going to stay with.”

    K.C: ” So the story needs no more investigating ?”

    N.D:” No.”

    K.C: ” Okay and are you happy for us to publish a transcript of this conversation on our web page?”

    N.D: ” What…Why?”

    K.C: ” Just so we can let people know what we are doing.”

    N.D: ” Well…okay if you want to.”

    K.C: ” Thanks very much for your time.””

    Official Denial as already kicked in, and the presence of the Cornish flag on the Gloriana is being reduced to a triviality. And you can be sure that the Powers That Be will stick to that story.

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