Cornish Flag on board Royal Rowbarge


On the river Thames  – 3rd June 2012 leading ships and boats in a tribute to

H M The Queen on the occasion of her Jubilee celebrations.

Does the inclusion of THE CORNISH FLAG OF ST PIRAN

mean official recognition of the Cornish as a national minority?

© Save Cornwall 5.6.2012

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3 Responses to Cornish Flag on board Royal Rowbarge

  1. Bert Biscoe says:

    Thanks for the update – the image is helpful, to say the least. It does not mean that the Cornish are automatically recognised as a national minority for the purposes of the Framework Convention. That will require a formal process. It certainly helps to make the case that they should be so, because if the Cornish flag is flown on a Royal barge in a major ceremony of State then it signifies that those who deny are out of step with those who reflect the true picture of of modern British identities – it is a symbolic authentication.

    The image contrasts very much, however, with that of the Olympic Torch bearer being deprived of the St Piran’s flag as he set out to cross the Tamar – and should be brought to the attention of Lord Coe.

    best wishes
    Bert Biscoe

  2. Roy Gill says:

    A momentus step in the right direction; now over to you The BBC Radio Cornwall.

  3. Craig Weatherhill says:

    It must do – it’s flying as one of the flags of the home nations, so can only be because there is royal acknowledgement of Cornwall as a nation equal to the others. There is no other explanation – and it’s the first time such a royal declaration of our national status has been displayed since Henry VIII’s coronation. I hear that some unnamed lying toad at the BBC has claimed that it’s only flying because the boatbuilder was Cornish. This is totally untrue, and this liar should be named. The ‘Gloriana’ was built at Brentford by master-builder Mark Edwards, from Richmond-on-Thames. WHY does the BBC and the other media continue to talk Cornwall down, belittling our status. The flying of the flag on the ‘Gloriana’ is a clear statement that we are NOT a mere ‘county’ of another land, yet here’s Radio “Cornwall” this morning packing as many “county”s into a minute as they can. What’s so wrong with acknowledged nationhood? If things are ever going to improve in Cornwall, we have to talk the place UP! Not down.

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