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Declare your Cornish nationality now in support of a Cornish future.

Based on the combined result of all 2001 forms, a Wikipedia report, “Foreign-born population of the UK”, begins with the UK permanent population:-

Country UK
Population 53,923.642

Corresponding articles –

British people, English people, Cornish people, Scottish  people, Welsh people, Northern Irish people.

Although the 2001 Census seriously understated the Cornish at 37,603 the Cornish
who participated secured some recognition for Cornwall.

Sadly, only 37,603 looks like the Cornish are a dying race at only 7% of the total population of Cornwall in the 2001 Census.   We can do better even if the Census form is not perfect, we can use it to our advantage.

This time, don’t make excuses to avoid filling out the Census Form. Greater numbers will justify claiming access to greater central government financial support for Cornish cultural activities such as the Cornish Mining World Heritage Sites, choirs and bands, the Cornish language, all sorts of Cornish books and human rights, etc.

You too, can SAVE CORNWALL

by declaring your CORNISH NATIONALITY as a British citizen

This time we need the self-confidence of at least 100,000.  A six figure number will let the world know that numbers count in recognising that there is a viable indigenous nation of Cornwall.  Your human right to freedom of expression on the 2011 Census form includes a write-in option under “other” in four boxes.  One and all can be counted as Cornish by entering as applicable:-

box (9) “Country of Birth”; [enter CORNWALL]

box (15) “National Identity”; [enter CORNISH]

box (16) “Ethnic Group” [enter CORNISH] and,

box (18) “Main Language” .  [enter CORNISH].

Please note that if you fail to do your legal duty by completing your Census 2011 form, officials have previously “helped” by filling in the form (or another form if you destroy the original).   Therefore, if you do not write-in CORNISH on your Census Form an official is very likely to complete the form by entering/ticking the default nationality of ‘English’ in your Nationality Box on your behalf.

Census day is 27th March 2011.

Declare your Cornish nationality now in support of a Cornish future.

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